We are Alex and Kim, longtime video gamers who are expanding our knowledge of board games! (there's also Pepper, our canine companion who generally disapproves of both video and board games). Couch co-ops have always been our favorite games, but with a few notable exceptions (Divinity: Original Sin) we've been finding it increasingly difficult to identify new games that facilitate an in-person multiplayer experience. Our interest in board games was rekindled when we finally learned how to play Settlers of Catan from some friends, and we've been board game addicts ever since!

Alex: I have an avid interest in game mechanics and concepts, and work regular hours which gives me a reasonable amount of time to explore new games. Due to the mismatch in our work schedules, I'm always interested in finding games that play well solo as well as with a partner, and I don't mind investing a bit more time in set up and clean up.  

Kim: I enjoy games that wholly absorb my attention, and that aren't too realistic - I like a little bit of escapism in my gaming time! I usually work 60-80 hour weeks, so I really value games that either have a quick play time (60-90 minutes max), or that are broken up into chunks that can be completed in a similar amount of time. Quick set up and clean up are also huge value points for me so I can make the most of my free time.

Pepper tests carelessly tended gaming items for potential commercial value as dog chew toys.

Together, we try to find games that have a great theme, suit themselves well to 2 people but are flexible enough for a larger group (bonus if they can also be played solo), have great replay value, and provide a smooth gaming experience. As we continue on our journey to find our favorite games, we hope our experiences will be valuable to others!